The Carrions - A Family Session - Sunol, CA

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Damien, Audra, Giavanna, Isabelle, Avery, and Tabitha. You got all that?? There might be a quiz later. I'll be the first to say I'm bad with names so this was going to be difficult for me. I'm pretty sure I called everybody by the wrong name at least twice. =)

When I was contacted by Audra about doing a family photo session I knew her name sounded familiar. Turns out, we have mutual friends as we both graduated from the same high school (go Grizzlies?) only a year apart. I've said it before, the world is small.
This was a fun session and also a little challenging. Any time you are dealing with this many people (and of various attention spans) you're bound to run into some...complications haha! I think everything came out great and what a beautiful family they make. I hope to see you guys for some more pictures as time goes by and the family grows. Enjoy!


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I love this =)
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  1. Oh my gosh I am in LOVE!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! We LOVE them!!!!


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