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Well it would seem that I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus! I shot a bunch of sessions going into the holidays and I decided this year that I was going to keep from blogging them and posting them on facebook until after Christmas. That way, people's photos would be a surprise to their friends and family when their holiday cards arrived! It was a great idea but then actually going through and blogging those sessions suddenly became a huge task that I have yet to undertake. =)

The holidays came and went any suddenly it's March, almost spring time! Adorable little Bella just celebrated her 5th birthday about a week ago and we've been planning this session for a few months now. This is usually the time of year when all the cherry blossoms bloom and they really wanted to incorporate them somehow into the photos but if you have ever payed attention to these things they bloom for a short time and then, POOF! Gone. Basically, we had a short window of opportunity to include these beautiful trees into Bella's photos. I have been obsessing over finding a really good location that would help make her photos something extra special. I really love how these came out and I will be sure to keep this sweet little location in my back pocket for future use.

I have photographed Bella before with her family the last few years and she is complete ball of energy and lucky for me she thinks I am there are never any shortage of smiles. =) Please enjoy some of my favorite images from our session. Happy Birthday, Bella!











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