T & J: Having Twins! - Pregnancy Portraits - Danville, CA


T & J are two people I know I will never forget. Their engagement session, loved it. Their wedding was at the same place I got married which I also absolutely loved. As a matter of fact, their album is still a sample I show every potential client I meet with. When I received an email from them a few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to hear their big news! They are having TWINS! Twin girls to be exact. =)

On Sunday we get together to take some pregnancy portraits. Tammie showed up looking beautiful as expected and Josh..well let's just say he looked pretty nervous. Not nervous about having his picture taken..nervous because he's about to be a new dad to twin GIRLS! I'm just giving him a hard time haha I'm sure they are both nervous but I believe that's to be expected when your entire life is about to change. =) I know these guys will be great parents. I can see first hand just how much they love each other and having a baby (or in their case, TWO!) is an amazing experience and I'm truly excited for them. I definitely look forward to seeing them again when these two little girls are here...it won't be long!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our session together. Congratulations guys and I hope once again you will enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them for you.

Brian =)






T&J_Preggo-100-2 (2)




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