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My blog has certainly served me well. While very basic in nature it has been a great way to share my images. It is also quite time consuming! When you are a one person operation spending a couple hours preparing and posting every session I would like to share has just not been possible. I have found it much more efficient to spend my time getting images edited and delivered to clients and unfortunately my blog posts have gone silent for a while. The plan is to launch an updated website that be able to show off my fabulous clients and their amazing images but these things take time. Who knew!? =) There is certainly a lot of work posted here which you may view and please contact me with any and all inquiries for your wedding and family photography needs. Don't be shy! I am excited to meet new people and photograph whatever adventures come my way!!


The Carrion Family! - May 9


I have seen this family now several times over the last few years and I am always happy to photograph them. Damien has his hands FULL as you can imagine and he is purely outnumbered 4 to 1. As a father to just one daughter, I can only imagine. =)

This session was actually shot back in DECEMBER! I have been working on building a new website/blog for a while now and in turn I have not been able to post much of my work here as of late. I probably have 50 sessions that have long since been delivered that I would love to share so stay tuned as I work through the wonder that is website development. lol.

Have a great day! Please contact me if you would like to schedule your session!










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