Happy Holidays From Brian Gross Photography - Dec 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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Wait..What? How did I get on the wrong side of the camera!?
It's funny...this time last year my wife was still pregnant and we didn't have a name fully picked out yet for our daughter. This year, I am happy to introduce you to our beautiful and almost 1 year old daughter, Chloe! We have had an amazing and exciting year with Chloe and as I'm sure you might imagine, there are no shortage of pictures being taken of her. =)
Also new this year, instead of me playing "tripod-timer roulette" (where I set my camera on a tripod and try to run into the picture) a friend and talented photographer, Cathy Breslow (of Breslow Imaging) graciously agreed to take some family photos for us. Thank you Cathy! We couldn't be happier. =)

2010 has been unbelievable/wonderful/crazy/awesome and I'm definitely looking forward to whatever 2011 has in store. I am truly lucky to get to meet and work with such wonderful people all while doing what I absolutely love to do. A tremendous thank you to all my clients and friends past, present, and future.

Happy Holidays!


The Kids - Bay Area Family Photographer - Dublin, CA

Ok, so you've met the Harringtons..you've met the Kings..now it's time to meet THE KIDS. (If you're just tuning in..scroll down a few posts and catch up.)
Hailey, Anthony, & Riley are cousins. We thought it might be a good time with all this family picture taking going on to try getting a nice picture of the three of them to give to their Grandmother. It was a great idea..but the kids had other plans. To me, it's perfect. Sure, they could all be looking, or smiling(or both) but to me..THIS truly captures these three. As you can imagine if I could turn the camera around all their parents are standing behind me trying to get them to "say cheese" and even though there are technically better shots from this set...this is one of my favorites.


And there you go. =)


The King Family - Bay Area Family Photographer - Dublin, CA

Another holiday session..this time it's the Kings! Same beautiful natural light we were lucky enough to have for the Harrington Family just one post below (on the same day..about an hour earlier) at the same location. Just a few pics from their session as well. With the light we had and these good looking families, I could go on and on. =) Enjoy.



The Harrington Family - Bay Area Family Photographer - Dublin, CA

Another holiday family session going on here. This time it's the Harrington family and they were definitely due for an updated family picture. The kids, Anthony & Riley have both been featured on my blog in the past..several times actually. This time there was a new challenge...get everybody to smile at the same time and oh yeah...get a picture of it. Challenge, accepted. =) It's not as simple as it sounds folks. If you have ever tried to take a picture of your kids..you know what I'm talkin about.
Here are just a few from our quick session. They honestly had the most beautiful and perfect natural light I think I have ever shot in. An hour later, it poured rain..go figure. Here is my favorite from their set. Enjoy!

Bonus shot of Anthony who was in a particularly simley mood


The Andrade Family - Bay Area Family Photographer - San Ramon, CA

As the year comes to an end peoples mailboxes are filled every day with Christmas and holiday cards. What better time to update that family photo? Baby Logan has graced the pages of my blog before and this time she brought her family along! They were in town for a short time last month so I grabbed up my gear and headed out to grab a few quick family portraits for them. Below is my favorite image from the set. Enjoy!

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