Happy Birthday Anthony!

A year and one day ago the world welcomed little Anthony Eugene Harrington. I have the pleasure of knowing his loving parents Sheryl and Jimmy and they have been my good friends for a long time. Anthony is their first child and they are currently expecting number two this year(it's a girl!). I wanted to take this unique opportunity to look back at the past year so I bring you a series of photos that I have taken of Anthony as he grew through the milestones of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and just this week, 1 year. Happy Birthday Anthony!

Anthony prior to arrival ;-)
IMG_8945 copy

The day he was born

Me holding him for the first time (I know I didn't take this picture!)

1 Month
5x7 only

3 months
3mocollage copy

6 months
6mocollage copy

9 months
9mocollage copy

Any this week, 1 year!
anthonycollage2 copy
anthonycollage3 copy
anthonycollage4 copy
anthonycollage5 copy
anthonycollage6 copy

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