Preston Castle Shoot - 04/11/2009 - Ione, CA

The first ever "photographers day" hosted by the "Haunted" Preston Castle in IONE, CA (where?) was invaded by about a dozen northern California wedding photographers. The other people there that day didn't stand a chance. The day started off at the castle where we spent every minute there they would allow us to. After they kicked us out (gotta close sometime) we moved on to some other interesting local scenery and continued to shoot..and why not? Beautiful dresses were provided for the day and more importantly beautiful models to wear them with a full hair and makeup we were going to take full advantage. This was not your ordinary shoot. What an incredible day. A Huge thank you to everyone involved. A special thanks to Tinywater Photography (Caroline and Daniel) for putting it all together.

Also special thanks to the models, makeup artists, and everybody else involved. These events are not only a ton of fun but great learning experiences for everybody. An opportunity to hone your craft if you will. Put simply, it was awesome.

Raquelle Siders (MUA)
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy
Solon 916.474.5578

Bridal Dresses
Diamond Bridal Gallery

AGAPE Designs (funky non-wedding dresses)

And now, some of my favorites from the day!

Preston_Castle-204 copy

Preston_Castle-106 copy

Preston_Castle-109 copy

Preston_Castle-118 copy

Preston_Castle-126 copy

Preston_Castle-131 copy

Preston_Castle-149 copy

Preston_Castle-155 copy


Preston_Castle-176 copy

Preston_Castle-175 copy

Preston_Castle-171 copy

Preston_Castle-168 copy

Preston_Castle-187 copy

Preston_Castle-192 copy

Preston_Castle-195 copy

Preston_Castle-138 copy

Preston_Castle-212 copy

Preston_Castle-249 copy

Preston_Castle-227 copy

Preston_Castle-219 copy

Preston_Castle-217 copy

Preston_Castle-240 copy

Preston_Castle-243 copy

Preston_Castle-237 copy

Preston_Castle-208 copy


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