Baby Cameron - 5 Weeks Old - Bay Area Family Photographer - Newark, CA


I have a daughter that is now almost 8 months old(yikes!). It's amazing how quickly they grow and change and to see a 5 week old baby brought me right back. All the little noises and grunts, the little legs and flailing arm movements. =) Enter, Cameron.

Cameron is the now 5 week old son of proud new parents, Chester and Christine. I used to work with Chester for a long time and he was married a year or two before me so I know they have been getting drilled with the "So, when are you guys gonna have kids?!??" question. =) Well, you don't have to ask anymore and they are both as happy and smiley as you would expect new parents to be. Also, tired. =)

I went to their home last weekend to snap some pics of their new little guy and here are a few of my favs. Congrats you guys and I hope to see this little guy again soon!







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