Erin & John: (Happily) Married! - A San Diego Post Wedding Session - San Diego, CA


Hmmm, where to start on this one..

Erin & John are a pair of my most favorite people in the world. I have been friends with John since we were in high school and to say we have a few crazy stories to share between us would be the understatement of the century. John is one of those genuinely nice guys and I knew when we first met we were going to be he needed me to install his car stereo so there's that, lol. Here we are now over 15 years later still laughing at the same stupid jokes from way back. Will we ever grow up? Probably not. Hopefully not. =)

Erin is like the long lost missing piece to John's puzzle. These two are so great peanut butter and jelly..or chicken and waffles. They really are a perfect match. Last year they got married in San Diego where I had the honor of being a groomsman in the wedding. After the wedding we talked about getting together to do a post wedding session. Earlier this month the fam and I loaded up the car and took a road trip down to San Diego for a weekend visit. So a year and some change after their wedding, we finally went out to play. =)

It was great to see you guys..thanks for taking me to Phil's BBQ(TWICE!) and enjoy the pics you crazy love birds. =)













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