Leric & Kellie: Engaged! - San Ramon, CA


Meet Leric & Kellie. Larry? No, Leric. He get's that all the time. =) I first met Leric loooooong ago when we both worked at Circuit City as mobile electronics installation specialists. Basically, we installed car stereos. I can still remember the huge sentence we would have to say when we answered the phone: "Thank you for calling Circuit City Roadshop, home of the auto sound and security specialists, my name is Brian how can I help you?!?" which was immediately and always followed by a "HUH??WHAT? I NEED SOMETHING INSTALLED, IS THIS THE RIGHT PLACE??" from the person on the other end. Every. Time.

Leric & Kellie will be getting married in Hawaii in August! Leric also has a photography business and shoots weddings as well..He has even come along a few times to help me in the past so when they asked me to take a few pictures for them so they could create some "save the date" cards, I was happy to help. As an added bonus, Kellie made me a delicious plate of cookies of which I ate..let's saaaaay, two. It definitely was not five. ;-)

Here are a few shots I wanted to share from our little mini-session. Congratulations guys!!






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