Hailey Turns 6! (Uncle B Strikes Again) - Pleasanton Family Photography - Pleasanton, CA



Well, I have been super duper slacking in blogging my work but hey! It's summer, I have been shooting a lot and in an effort to spend some more time off the computer blogging has taken a back seat. =)I do miss it, however. Sharing my work is really an important way to show you people what I have been up to so I'm going to try and pick out some stuff from the last few months and blog it in the next few weeks. Lots of good stuff to post.

This post here is dedicated to Hailey. For those who don't know, Hailey is the now 6 year old daughter of 2 really good friends of mine. I think the first time I met Hailey's mom, I was about Hailey's age because there are photos of us in Kindergarten (Walt Disney!). I'm feeling quite old right now. I have been "Uncle B" to Hailey since she was born and I hope to always be. =)
Here are a few pics from her annual session and some of my favorites that I am happy to share.

-Uncle B








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