Nathan & Morgan: (Get) Engaged!! - Feb 15 - Baker Beach - San Francisco, CA


So how was your Valentines Day?? Me, I cooked dinner for my wife and daughter and we just had a low key evening at home. Earlier in the day, however, I was on the phone with Nate making super secret plans that involved a beach, a ring, and a paparazzi(me) for the following day. Let's back it up a bit..

Nate is my great friend Chris' younger brother and I have known him since he was just a wee ladd. In fact, I photographed their youngest sisters wedding a little over a year ago and that was when I knew this day was coming. You see, Nathan & Morgan both ended up with the garter & bouquet at that wedding, so little did Nate know his days were numbered. =)

Fast forward to last week I received an excited voice mail from Nate and while he did not tell me what he was up to, I had a suspicion. Sure enough, Nate was planning to pop the question and he wanted to surprise Morgan and have the entire thing photographed only there was one catch: He did not want her to know about it. Of course! Right? No I mean, even after he proposed he did not want to reveal they were being photographed so literally the photos would be 100% candid and 100% real emotion. That took me by surprise but it turned out to be the greatest way to do it.
He had a surprise engagement party set up for later that evening and he wanted to surprise her AGAIN by revealing some of these images at the party. Talk about pressure! A once in a lifetime opportunity for me to capture a moment they can now forever look back on and share with their kids someday. Challenge, accepted.

I asked Nate's brother, Chris, if he would come along to be a second pair of eyes so I/we would not be spotted but also just so he could witness his little brother propose! We arrived early and made sure we were quite far away as not to be noticed. Everything worked out so perfectly and now Nathan & Morgan are engaged to be married! I think it's safe to say we are all so very happy for them!
I am so excited to be able to share these images that I was entrusted to capture and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. =)
















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  1. So awesome Brian! It feels like we're peeking in on such a special moment, and it's something I am sure they will both cherish. Well done for you and Chris to stay hidden! :)


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