Amy - Pregnancy Portraits - Danville Family Photographer - Danville, CA


39 Weeks. That's how far along Amy was when I took these pictures just a few days ago. Sometime tomorrow the wait will be over. Amy and her husband Matt will become parents to a baby girl and I can't wait to meet her. See, I have been friends with Amy over fifteen I am totally excited for them to jump into the wonderful world of parenthood. This will be their first child and they are both extremely excited. If they are nervous, they are doing a tremendous job of hiding it. =)

Fun fact: Our daughters will be almost exactly a year apart. Awesome.

So as kind of a last minute thing(literally), Amy decided she wanted a few portraits of herself to remember how she looked at the end of her pregnancy. I thought it would be a fun creative challenge and I love how the shots came out. Here are a few from our quick session...and then tomorrow is the big day! Congratulations guys! It's all up hill from here. =)






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