Joel & Katherine: 40 Years of Marriage! - Hayward Japanese Gardens, Hayward, CA


Take a good look folks, this is what 40 years of happiness and love for each other looks like! Meet Joel & Katherine and their 40th wedding anniversary is just around the corner. They have a daughter(Leah, who's family I photographed last year) which means they also have a son in law(Chris) and 2 adorable granddaughters, Bella & Margot. Photographing this session really gave me an appreciation for all the weddings I have been a part of(either as a photographer or as a guest). Just one day before I photographed Joel & Katherine I actually photographed a wedding(one post below this) and to think that couple could very well be the next "Joel & Katherine" 40 years from now, that's really nice to imagine. =)

For our session we headed out to the Japanese Gardens in Hayward which Joel & Katherine used to visit often with their daughter when she was young. They wanted to have some photographs to celebrate their 40th anniversary as well as include their daughter Leah and her family. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our session together. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple, Joel & Katherine!!










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